Silvio Berlusconi dies aged 86, ex-Italian politician and Mediaset owner.


Former President of Italy Silvio Berlusconi Dies at 86

Silvio Berlusconi died this Monday at the age of 86 after a long illness. The former President of Italy had been suffering from leukemia for a year and died from a pulmonary problem. Only 2 days ago, his doctors gave a report that, despite his delicate health, did not presage what has happened. “President Silvio Berlusconi is currently admitted to the San Raffaele Hospital to undergo scheduled checks of his known hematological pathology. The advance, to today, of these controls responds to normal clinical criteria in medical practice and does not respond to any critical or alarming aspect”, the doctors assured last Friday.

Berlusconi Receiving Chemotherapy Treatment

Berlusconi, who was the founder of Mediaset, was receiving chemotherapy treatment. He returned to the hospital last week after a period of intermittent hospitalizations due to the illness he suffered. Despite his delicate health, the former Prime Minister had been elected Senator in the last elections. When the family arrived at the health center this Monday morning, all the alarms went off.

Previous Health Bumps in Recent Years

Before knowing his illness, the former Prime Minister of Italy went through other health bumps in recent years. In 2020 he contracted coronavirus and had to be hospitalized. Also in 2021, where he was treated for a pulmonary infection.


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