Silvio Berlusconi, Marta Fascina: Kids & Testament Opening


The Last Wishes of Silvio Berlusconi

Just one week after the death of Silvio Berlusconi, the most recurrent word next to the name of the founder of Forza Italia is testament. Unrelenting even in the face of death, gossip abounds and indiscretions are already being shared. According to the Corriere della Sera, the former Prime Minister’s last wishes should be made known to the family next June 26th. This date does not seem to be coincidental as on Thursday, June 29th, a Fininvest assembly will take place, with the agenda including the approval of the balance sheet and the renewal of the board of directors. The opening of the testament could therefore also be an opportunity to redefine the corporate structures.

The Family Holding

Of the family holding, Silvio Berlusconi held 61%, while the rest is currently divided equally among his five children, Marina and Pier Silvio, born from his first marriage to Carla Dall’Oglio, and Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi, had by Veronica Lario. An equal distribution of that 61% would bring the children of the second bed to the control of the holding, suggesting a greater power of the elders in Mediaset, where Marina and Pier Silvio are already decisive.

The Rumored Legacy

However, not only the company is at stake. The former Cavaliere is said to have left an estimated patrimony of 4 billion euros, between properties (such as the villa in Arcore and the one in Sardinia, in Lampedusa and in Rome), works of art and investments. Of course, Marta Fascina, his last companion, is also in the spotlight. Berlusconi had married her in 2022, but it had only been a symbolic ceremony. Legally speaking, therefore, in the absence of a wife, Silvio Berlusconi was able to freely dispose of one third of his assets, while the two thirds will go by right to the five children. It is in that one third that the thirty-three-year-old deputy could find space, perhaps with a legacy, at least so it is rumored. The Stampa, for example, writes that the amount could amount to 50 or 100 million euros, while Il Fatto Quotidiano speaks of 100-120 million plus two villas, including Villa San Martino. Just gossip, at least for the moment.


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