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Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter Marina, Closest Person to Him

Marina Berlusconi – A Discreet but Tenacious Leader

For some, it will be Marina, Silvio Berlusconi’s eldest daughter, to take up her father’s legacy in politics, while for other observers, on the other hand, the legacy could disappear with its founder, who passed away on June 12th at 86 years old. It is certain that the daughter that the former Prime Minister had from his first wife Carla Elvira Lucia Dall’Oglio, inherited from her father the entrepreneurial vocation, less the one of being on stage. Very reserved, discreet, calm, Marina Berlusconi has always found more congenial the work behind the scenes, but when it came to bringing out the claws she never held back. Vice President of Fininvest at 30 years old, she had to prove that she deserved that position.

From Leadership of Mondadori to Family Holding

From there, a constant climb, from the leadership of Mondadori to that of the same family holding, starting in 2005. To politics Marina Berlusconi has always said “no”, aware that in certain fields the leadership does not come neither “by investiture” nor “by dynastic succession”; a choice always respected by her father, with whom the relationships have always been privileged. It was she, for example, in October 2022 who convinced the former Prime Minister to mend relations with Giorgia Meloni after the leader of Fratelli d’Italia refused some central ministries to the ally, and it was always she, in the last months, who updated on the health conditions of her father. The favorite, perhaps, precisely because discreet and yet solid, invisible but tenacious, characteristics that Berlusconi has always appreciated, seems to remind him very much of the character of his mother, Rosa Bossi.

Always By Her Father’s Side

It was Marina who was the first to arrive at the San Raffaele in Milan when her father’s condition worsened, always by her side, until the end.



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