Simona Ventura: “Fabrizio Corona was evil but not intelligent”

Simona Ventura tells the story of a “Confession”, the show of Peter Gomez on Nine, and goes back to talk about his relationship with the former agent Lele Mora and Fabrizio Corona.

With Gomez has reconstructed the period before the explosion of the scandal Vallettopoli in 2007. The year before Simona Ventura was output from the management agency for artists of Lele Mora, a historical agent. A decision taken at a certain point, when the presenter was noticed that their roads were parting. “When you started a certain type of success that was not based more on talent, but on characters like Constantine and Daniel, found himself in a vortex that has overwhelmed. Our roads are separate because that agency no longer had the same mission that I had. I told Lele: or choose me, or other people. He chose other people“.

Simona Ventura, Fabrizio Corona and Lele Mora: what happened

Speaking of the Crown, Simona Ventura recalled: “Up to a certain point, Fabrizio in the agency Lele was perfect, it was service with a laid. But the money was so many…”. The former photographer of celebrities, is now in a care facility near Monza, was also the protagonist of unpleasant episodes, up to the notes that the judicial proceedings.

“What he was doing, the Crown was stalking. I remember a time in Sardinia, on a Sunday I go to mass with my husband, there were also Formigoni, and Nina Moric. I go out and I see the paparazzi. Never seen the paparazzi in the church, we ended up on the newspapers, and from there began a strange thing: I saw the paparazzi everywhere I went. I started to not trust most of Lele, when he asked me where I was the mentivo”

Besieged by the paparazzi of the Crown, Simona Ventura was also convened by the pm Power Henry John Woodcock . “I wasn’t accustomed to be convened by the Sco (the central operations Service, editor’s note), or in the Police station,” said Peter Gomez. “For many of us, these were the environments that we scioccavano”. Crown “has been diabolical, but it was smart , because if like was evil, he was also smart, we were dead,” added Ventura.

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