Simona Ventura: “John the Third has given me a new desire to live”

Simona Ventura, television presenter is currently involved with “Sunday in Ventura” and “The Board”, it tells the story of “F – The weekly women’s magazine,” published by Cairo Editore and directed by Marisa Deimichei. The occasion is the release of his book ” Code “Ventura”, published by Sperling&Kupfer. The book speaks of the boys of today in comparison with that that was his youth. A parallel with what happened to his son Nicholas when the boy has almost died mugged and stabbed outside of a nightclub in Milan. It also speaks of love with John the Third: “I found the will to live”. Niccolo Bettarini, today, is host of “College Off”.

The love story with John Third

As enthusiasm for the relationship with John Third. A love story that began a year ago and that has provided you new awareness, new life and energy even in the professional life of Simona Ventura.

Love was a consequence of the fact of having rediscovered the will to live. After the great fear for my son, it is as if a castle had come down. From these ashes I have regained a positive energy that has led me to cut many dead branches and it is precisely then you are open the other doors. Not looking for love. I was from a very long history (the one with Gerò Carraro, ed.). I was working and I said to myself: I want to be alone. And instead, when you least expect it, here it is the greatest love. But I have to be careful to say so. If you cry your happiness may attract envy, negative energies.

As he had told on other occasions, the relationship with John the Third was born from a meeting at the home of friends and for the pure case. Began “to be lovers”, away from the spotlight: “we Wanted to understand and understand,” he told Simona Ventura in a previous interview to the weekly magazine “Chi”.