Simone Guidarelli: Curiosity my strength.


Re-inventing Oneself for New Projects

This is how Simone Guidarelli, an expert in fashion, an internationally renowned stylist who recently decided to broaden his horizons and also dedicate himself to home design and his own line, could be described. “I always feel like I’m in a convertible and I’m driving on an infinite road from which I can always pull out new projects,” he tells us. Re-inventing oneself, listening to oneself and following one’s own attitudes – without ever really leaving the main road – is a necessity for this creative and imaginative dreamer who owes much of his success to the curiosity that has accompanied him since he was a child, when he wanted to travel and drew maps of the places he wanted to see. Today he has traveled a lot, but he never forgets where he comes from: a small village immersed in the nature of the Marche, a place that has always remained the measure of all things.

Childlike Side as a Way of Life

In the past he has talked about feeling a bit like Peter Pan, how has this childlike side helped him in his work? “It was fundamental for me and it still is. And it’s something that is not calculated, because it’s a way of life. It’s my approach to life and my work to be ironic and to have the possibility to explore different worlds. I love graphics, producing videos and doing many other things, so, in reality, I am a Peter Pan in this sense: I can’t define myself in one thing because I believe that creativity is everywhere. I need freedom, to know that there is my comfort zone, but also the possibility to explore the world. I have always been like this since I was a child. “

Connecting Fashion, Kitchen and Psyche

And when he was a child, what did he dream of doing? “Apart from being a dancer, which I also did for a while, I dreamed of traveling. As a child I often drew maps. I also fulfilled this in part because I have traveled almost all over the world and it is something I like very much. Traveling is a moment of suspension for me, in the airplane I can think because I see things from above and everything becomes microscopic. I can also visually reduce those anxieties that seem giant when I’m on the ground. I think flying allows you to scale everything, even the perception that each of us has of himself. ” He graduated from the hotel school, graduated and worked as a psychologist and then moved to styling. How much and in what way can these three worlds – kitchen, fashion and psyche – be connected? “My life is a circle, everything I have done is connected and unconsciously my curiosity has always made me prepare these bizarre solutions. Even my parents, when I finished the hotel school and wanted to enroll in Modern Letters or Psychology, asked me what it had to do with it. But fashion – which I discovered while I was graduating -, psyche and cooking have the same mechanism: it is about building something new. It is about taking a raw material and transforming it into something new, whether it be a dish, a look or a state of mind. “


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