Sofia Spagna Baptism: Family Gathering Before New Life Begins – Photos


Family Celebration

These are festive days for Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain: after the graduation of their eldest daughter Leonor, the royal family gathered for the confirmation of Princess Sofia on May 25th. As it already happened for her sister in 2021, the Infanta received the sacrament in the parish of Asunción de Nuestra Señora, in Aravaca, just outside Madrid. A family celebration, but not elitist, because the confirmation, as it was for the communion, came with the classmates of the Colegio de Santa María de los Rosales, which the girl has been attending since nursery school. The family gathered for Sofia’s confirmation ©Getty Images. Together with Sofia, 16 years old, her older sister and her parents, the former queen Sofia, wife of the former king Juan Carlos, and her maternal grandparents, Paloma Rocasolano and Jesús Ortiz, accompanied by his second wife, Ana Togores. Enchanting in fuchsia, the Infanta attracted all the attention, and the Spanish press has already fallen in love with her contemporary and elegant style; after all, the occasion was special.

Last Major Event at the School

For Sofia it was the last major event at the school she grew up in. On June 22nd, in fact, she will finish her fourth year and move to Wales, following in her older sister’s footsteps. Sofia will complete her studies in Wales, like her older sister ©Getty Images.

Elite Choice for Education

The princess chose to study at the UWC College of the United Kingdom, as announced on February 6th by the Zarzuela. The Infanta «has positively completed the selection process required», it was read in the official note released by her parents, who, as with the eldest daughter, will pay the tuition fee out of their own pocket: 74 thousand pounds for two years. The Welsh institute has always been very popular among blue-blooded students. With Leonor of Spain, for example, Alexia of the Netherlands studied, while her younger sister Ariane chose the Italian branch of the same school, in Duino, just outside Trieste. Before that, Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Raiyah of Jordan, King Hussein and Queen Noor’s youngest daughter, had attended it. More recently, UWC Atlantic College has hosted Elisabeth of Belgium. An elite choice, which includes traditional subjects but also social themes in its curriculum. A nice change for the little one at home, ready to take off.


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