Sofia Suescun, Desperate to Get Vital Medicine for Mom: She Could Die


Sofía Suescun in Search of Help

This Monday, Sofía Suescun set off all the alarms after desperately asking for help from her followers. The winner of ‘Survivors 2018’ was on a trip with her partner, Kiko Jiménez, when she revealed that she was returning to Madrid for an urgent reason. The young woman has vented on the networks and has admitted how overwhelmed she felt for the reason that was sending her back to the capital so suddenly, although she did not explain what was happening until a few hours later.

The Reason Behind the Urgent Trip

Apparently, the influencer’s mother, Maite Galdeano, could not find any pharmacy with the necessary medication to treat the polycythemia vera disease she suffers from. “My mother called me this morning overwhelmed, she was feeling bad and she barely had any medication left, she has gone to several pharmacies looking for it and none of them have it,” said Sofía Suescun. The former survivor has emphasized the seriousness of the matter by stating that it is a treatment that “if not taken, can suffer a thrombus, stroke and even death due to the cancer she suffers from”. In addition, to demonstrate the efforts they were making to help her mother, she also shared some stories in which Kiko appears talking on the phone with pharmacies and even the laboratory to know where they could find the treatment, but without success. The recommendations that were made to them the most were that they should go to a doctor to prescribe them other alternatives, but Sofía has explained that a year ago, her mother “tried an alternative to hydrea and it went very badly. It’s vital. There are no alternatives. We need hydrea anyway. Please, anyone who can help me, let me know”.

The Outcome of the Request

“She has six capsules left and two per day, so she would have them for three days. You are writing to me en masse that you can’t find it anywhere and others give me specific points where there is still stock, but if it is not supplied to pharmacies since May 14 as you have heard in the call…”, expressed Sofía, very worried. A few hours later, the influencer reappeared on Instagram and revealed that she had received many messages, emails and calls from people who wanted to help her. “I already have more than 4 boxes reserved in several pharmacies thanks to your intensive search. It’s a short-term relief,” she said, very grateful. She also reassured her followers and confirmed that her mother is much better. “She got anxious when they told her that the supply of the medication had stopped, but imagine with the worry that she called me in the morning and me in Valencia imagining the worst,” she concluded.


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