Sofia Suescun Injury: Dog Accident Leaves Facial Wound


Sofia Suescun’s Accident with Her Dog

Sofía Suescun has had an accident with her dog, which has ended with a wound on her face. The influencer has shared on her social networks the cut that her pet has made on her eyebrow. “Last night I had a little accident with Marco (unintentionally) and he made a quite deep breach in my face (just by brushing me with his tooth)”, she said in her stories, before showing in a video how Kiko Jiménez, her boyfriend, was healing the wound.

Medical Treatment for the Wound

The young woman was very worried about the wound and the possible mark that could be left on her face, so they finally went to the doctor this morning. “I went to the outpatient clinic and they don’t see it as a reason to sew and not even to heal it, so I went to the pharmacy to buy Cristalmina and some adhesive cutaneous suture strips”, she said, with the aim of “leaving the least possible mark. This time I’m going to take care of it a lot, especially with the sun”.

Previous Issues with the Dog

This is not the first time that Sofía and her family have had a problem with Marco and it is that, recently, the young woman announced that she was going to sterilize him for having become aggressive with another dog while walking with her mother, Maite Galdeano. On the other hand, last summer he also attacked Kiko after getting jealous, making him a scratch on his arm.


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