Solo 45 : rapper sentenced to 24 years in prison for rape and sequestration

Solo 45, a rapper in the uk, a member of the collective Boy Better Know, has been sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence after he was accused of rape and kidnapping four women. The 33 year-old man, said to his defence that it was “her sexuality” and that the women in question were willing to satisfy his fantasies.

His name is probably unknown to : Solo 45, whose real name is Andy Anokye, is a rapper british whose musical career is less well-known than his misdeeds. At the age of 33, he has just been sentenced to 24 years in prison for rape and kidnapping four women. This member of the collective Boy Better Know had filmed some of his acts with his mobile phone. He was sentenced to Bristol for a 30-count indictment. In fact, Solo45 terrorized the young women in “sex violent”. To their scare, the rapper used the weapons, the pouring of bleach and water, or choked before the rape. The offences were committed between February 2015 and march 2017, up that a woman reported him to the police.

Addicted to the “perverse pleasure”

During his trial, which began last November, and was then resumed in the month of march, Solo 45 had already been found guilty of 21 rape, forcible confinement, and assault by penetration and assault causing bodily harm. In his defense, the rapper swore his victims were willing to participate in these sexual games are violent and respond to its fantasy of rape. A defense that has not convinced the british court. Judge William Hart said to Andy Anokye that he had “become addicted” to the “perverse pleasure” that he had taken to abusing women. The rapper had “no limit sexual or empathy for the people concerned,” he added. Solo 45 has also been added, to life, to the sex offender registry.