Sonia Bruganelli: “I’m fat, I know,” and after the video explodes the storm

Here we go again. Each time you post a polemic on the profile of Sonia Bruganelli, one of the targets preferred by the hater have to say on just about everything when it comes to her. To raise a fuss, this time, it’s a video in which the wife of Paul Bonolis, giving appointment on Sdl Tv for a new episode of the format ‘The books of Sonia’, he says: “I’m fat, I know, don’t tell me anything. Am I fat, but I’ll be back from Sardinia lean”.

The Bruganelli not feel in very good shape, so much so that he reiterates several times in the video: “I have to do a diet, I can’t watch, are a bad thing”. During the direct someone is noted, however, that does not need to lose weight, but she continues: “You, because now you only see the tits, but if you do see below”.

A gag, between the serious and the facetious, which has sparked, in particular, one of the hater the most assiduous members. “No comment, desolation,” he writes next to the post, but Sonia Bruganelli not keep silence: “Still obsessed eh”. “Always say the same thing – pressing the detrattrice – There are people that you have offended that is waiting for your apology, when you do not know what to do, I avoid you to do damage. It is not an obsession on your part, but it is a follow your neurons”.

There is, however, who takes his defenses, and asks how can he not explode from anger in the face of certain comments. She, who by now has learned to shrug off the sterile criticism of the hater, explains: “If you don’t respect the person who is speaking does not interest me in the slightest to his thought”.

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The books of Sonia

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A post shared by Sonia Bruganelli (@soniabrugi) date: Jul 29, 2020 at 9:55 pm PDT