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Sonia Bruganelli on split from Paolo Bonolis: “We spent holidays together out of love”.

Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis’ Separation

Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis had announced their (serene) separation in a long interview published in June. The news had come as a bolt from the blue for many fans of the couple, who saw in Bruganelli and Bonolis, married since 2002 and together since 1997, an example of mature and long-lasting love. Despite the couple officially splitting up, the two still spend a lot of their time together, including their summer holidays, spent as a family. This was confirmed by Sonia Bruganelli herself, a guest in the Mediaset studio of Verissimo. Interviewed by the host Silvia Toffanin, the former Mrs. Bonolis said: “We love each other. It seems natural to continue to share time together, especially if there are children”.

The Couple’s Children

Together, they have three children: Silvia, born in 2003, Davide, born in 2005, and Adele, born in 2007. “Will we fall in love again? Who knows. For now we are studying separately,” added Bruganelli. She went on to explain this particular phase of life: “Some feelings and ways of life change: living in different apartments, wanting to experience life on your own, not wanting to live the same daily life that comes with romanticism and things that change after so many years. Saying that we separated means that we wanted to protect our children in case they see us with one person instead of another. We are not lying to each other, we won’t cheat on each other, we told each other how we feel mutually.”

Words of Admiration for Paolo Bonolis

There were many words of admiration for the former Paolo Bonolis: “A modern, free man, who taught me freedom. When we find ourselves together we are freer than when we are apart. I tell him things, he tells me things. These months, he has always been here with me. How can you separate from a soul? You can’t. There are many couples who separate but stay together even after, when the dynamics change. We are very good friends, confidants, close”.



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