Sophie Davant in rumors, William Leymergie not innocent.


Sophie Davant’s Potential Career Change

Nothing is done yet! Far from it! Let me move forward,” Sophie Davant doesn’t seem very pleased with what the press has released. Those were the words she used to respond by SMS to Parisien. The rumor concerns the continuation of her career which could take a huge turn.

Rumors of a Move to Europe 1

Indeed, Télé Loisirs had announced a few days ago that she could leave Affaire conclue. A shocking announcement. According to the newspaper’s information, she would remain one of the faces of France 2, the beautiful blonde being in contact with Europe 1 which, due to poor ratings, is trying to approach several very popular personalities among listeners such as Julien Courbet, Estelle Denis and Sophie Davant who has been working for M Radio for 5 years. A name that was whispered to the station by her boyfriend William Leymergie, present on the radio every Sunday morning. So here she is, meeting the managers and being proposed, after negotiations, a daily reception show from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., in place of Stéphane Bern who would change time slots.

Competition with France 2

Obviously, this possibility discovered by France 2 does not please the channel at all for a very simple and logical reason: Sophie Davant would therefore be both the presenter of Affaire conclue and Europe 1, so she would be competing with herself. Caroline Margeridon would have been approached, as well as other faces kept secret in order to possibly take over Sophie Davant. A great story! Other media would also have benefited. Apparently C8, where William Leymergie works every noon, would have tried to approach the star of France télé. A rumor reported by Le Parisien, denied by the channel of the Canal + group. In short, for the moment nothing is done and Sophie Davant is at the center of many rumors. She could thank her lover for having whispered her name, but according to our information, this is not the case and Sophie Davant is well known and recognized enough for no one to “whisper her name”!


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