Sophie Marceau : after two years of absence, it is finally back on the front of the stage

Since the release of his last film as a director, Sophie Marceau has disappeared from the radar. Nearly two years later, the actress is preparing to return to the front of the stage, thanks to a long-film directed by François Ozon. Finally !

Two years everyone’s been waiting for this moment. Two years that Sophie Marceau has disappeared from the radar. An eternity. In march, 2018, the actress revealed to the general public, Ms. Mills, a neighbor who is so perfect, his third film as a director and in which she gave the reply to Pierre Richard. A failure at the box-office. Since then, the discretion was appropriate. She has even abandoned his account Instagram, much to the chagrin of its fans. Worse still, almost two years ago, his public appearances can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But this time is almost over.

Sophie Marceau is about to make his big return to film. This was announced on his Twitter account, the journalist culture of LCI, Jerome Vermelin. “Sophie Marceau will be the heroine of Everything went well, the next film by François Ozon “, a-t-he revealed this Thursday 13 February. It will be an adaptation of the eponymous book by Emmanuèle Bernheim in which she told them as she had helped her father to die following a STROKE. A feature-length film that already promises to be poignant, and joined the strong themes recently addressed by the sublime actress 53-year-old in The Taularde or Stop me.

Still a little patience…

With this film, the director of Eight women achieved one of his dreams : that of directing Sophie Marceau. “She said no four times. She made the choice of career is very respectable. After that, it’s a shame, because this is an actress that interests me, a talented actress, and I find thatit has not necessarily been the roles that she deserves “, declared François Ozon in February 2019 at the micro nagui (French speacker) on France Inter. With this project, film director and actress seem therefore to have reached an agreement. Only downside : fans of Sophie Marceau are going to have to be patient before we discover this feature-length film in dark rooms. Since the filming is planned for next spring. It should therefore be projected onto a large screen in a year.

After months of complicated, emotionally – her son of 24 years, Vincent, was hospitalized in psychiatry –, Sophie Marceau comes back on tip-toe in the media. Thus, last December, she lent her voice to the documentary, France 2, Notre-Dame de Paris, the test of centuries, and should be included on an album of music texts relating to the French Republic. A return to quiet for this mother of two children, before the pacing of new tv sets for the promotion of his next film.

Sophie Marceau will be the heroine of “All is well”, the next film by François Ozon based on a book by Emmanuelle Bernheim. The novelist is told of how she had helped her father to die following a STROKE. Filming in the spring. A serious candidate for the #Cesar2021 ?

— Jerome Vermelin (@jvermelin) February 13, 2020