Special friends, Gaia download Alberto Urso: two of spades live

Two of spades live. Happens to Special Friends, where Alberto Urso eats with the eyes, the colleague Gaia, but she does not reciprocate. And on Twitter you trigger the comments: “You friendzonato”. Both former winners of the talent of Channel 5 – the first on the occasion of the edition of 2019, the second triumphant this year – the two have shown a special feeling right from the beginning of the episode, but nothing is as it seems.

Galeotta was the cover version of the song ‘The first beautiful thing’, the piece led to the success of Nicola di Bari and the Rich and the Poor in the far 1970. After the performance of the white team, Maria De Filippi, in a cryptic, he asked Urso an opinion on the ‘rival’ for which he has never hidden a certain amount of interest. Urso has not wished: “Good. By now I have made the appointment. What I watched? The exhibition, her sitting. I looked at her and heard the performance. He has a beautiful voice”. But the presenter raises, and, nascondenso behind the singer, try to guess her outfit, from the beautiful sicilian: “it is dressed up with red heels and a black dress elegant. Long enough… for me are the siculo, all are short”.

In short, Urso has observed well. But what do you think about Gaia? The sweet valance lets go to phrases downright diplomatic: “let’s just Say that we are very good friends”, “I appreciate It very much as an artist and then we have a good relationship”, etc. etc .. To sweep away the rumors of a flirt we think the conductors of the radio in the studio and unanimously reveal: “we have heard today on the radio and say the truth, Gaia has friendzonato”. It is not as if “ingrugna”.

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