Special Temptation Island: previews, bets, pairs and news

Temptation Island is back again this year at the ignite summer television. The reality show of the temptations, produced by Charm Pgt di Maria De Filippi and led by the historic master of the house, Filippo Bisciglia, airs every Thursday in the early evening, at 21.20, on Channel 5 from 2 to 30 July 2020 and here you will find everything there is to know, from the advance on the next episodes to the information on the pairs in the race.

As is well known, the mechanism of the game is the following: the six pairs are divided into two separate villages, and put to the test their love with many tempting singles.

Temptation Island, advances to the next episode of 24 July

The next episode of Temptation Island airing Thursday, July 24 from 21.20. This is the fourth appointment. In the game there are 4 couples, after the departure of Sophia and Alessandro and Valeria and Ciavy (note, however, as the social media profiles of both of the pair are ‘silent’ since the end of the abandonment of the show, probably for logistical reasons related to the transmission).

The protagonist of the event will be Antonella Elia, who will be completely shocked by the behavior of the boyfriend Peter: we still don’t know what will combine the voice actor, but it seems that this time it is a gesture which is unacceptable.

The crisis of Andrea and Anna: he is always more vulnerable to the jealousy that he feels for her, determined to continue to pretend a flirtation with one of the single guys to be jealous of the boyfriend (and, according to her, to convince him to start a family).

Chaos between Manila and Lorenzo. He imbestialisce to see some of the images: “We are on seriously?”, cries. But still don’t know what infuriates so.



Temptation Island, that what happened in the previous episodes

Have abandoned the game for first were the pairs formed from Sofia and Alessandro, whose stay on the island of temptation is limited to a week (they are out on a date, though), and that of Valeria, and Ciavy, the protagonists of a bonfire so turned on as to make necessary the intervention of Filippo Bisciglia (and at the end are left separated: she was to leave).

Antonella has done everything to provoke him to Peter, and in the end managed to ‘scucirgli’ a resentful reaction. During an outburst with a single gal, in fact, the man says that the companion is “asexual and barren, perhaps because she had no children”, a phrase that is missing on a rampage, the showgirl. Elijah, for his part, shortly after kissing a guy-single, but “for fun”.

Manila is seduced by the single guys, and Lorenzo is disappointed. Do not feel bad, however, are, in particular, some statements of her about their relationship at a distance: “The lies that he says are exaggerated – thunders – Before coming here, we talked about that maybe I buy a house in Rome. The ‘eternal lovers’ I’m on the bales as the word, are not a little boy. I have no problems in taking care of her and the children.”

Antonio and Annamaria are more and more distant. He continues to have fun with the single and it is interested in Ilaria, which means that you allow cuddles and steaming baths. Annamaria, disappointed, decides to stay and does not ask for the bonfire: he wants to put it to the test until the end. Meanwhile, outside the transmission, turns on the scandal lovers: many girls claim to have had an underground history with him in these months… And not only: also the ex-wife he says he was betrayed, just with Annamaria, however, with which Antonio has started a story two and a half years ago.

The patience of Andrea is now on a razor’s edge. The girlfriend continues to provoke him, because exasperated by the lack of interest of the partner in the family and continues in the pretend to be obsessed with a single. “I am just so disappointed and demoralized”, she complains, with the single girls… Until, a shot of the scene, a temptress you declare to him, saying he had lost his mind: “You see me as a sister, I see you as a cool. If you want to, out from here, I’ll be there”. HERE is the video of the declaration.

The couples of Temptation Island

Here are the full profiles of the couples of Temptation Island

Sofia and Alexander (deleted) TAB
Valeria and Ciavy (deleted) TAB
Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso TAB
Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane TAB
Antonio and Annamaria TAB
Andrea and Anna TAB

When he ends up with Temptation Island 2020

The last episode will be aired on Thursday July 30, 2020, for a total of five weeks of play.

Temptation Island, all on the conductor Filippo Bisciglia

Filippo Bisciglia is the historic owner of the house of Temptation Island. And at the helm of the transmission from the first edition of the program, 2014. In his past experience as a competitor to the “Big Brother”, which in 2006 gave him the fame, and participation in various programs, including This Show, where he placed third in 2017, and Friends Celebrities, in which he participated in a pair with the companion of a life of Pamela Camassa.

Temptation Island, the format

WHEN IT WAS CALLED ‘TRUE LOVE’. The format debuts for the first time in Italy in 2005, with the name of True love: at the time the program was conducted by Maria De Filippi, but was not very successful. So nine years passed before a new airing, arrived in 2014 with the name Temptation Island and Filippo Bisciglia on the run.

HOW IT WORKS. Six couples, not married and without children, 21 days to spend “separate”, 12 single guys for the girlfriends 12 single guys to girlfriends, and a unique place to dream. And the desire for the protagonists to find an answer to three important questions: the couple’s life is the life that I want? I really love the person they are bonded to? The person to whom they are bonded to, loves me, really?

A fixed appointment – certainly the most important to the actors – will mark the time within the village: the Bonfire. Right here, in fact, the couples will have the opportunity to shed light on the real feelings and to discover what really is living up to its partner on the other side of the village, wandering among the some significant video extracts of the holiday, “forced” that he is doing the other.

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All twelve of the components of the pairs, however, the warmth of the sun on the twenty-first day – in the course of the last Bonfires will have to have the right answer to the crucial question: “do you Want to get out of here with the person with whom you come in?”.