Star small: acknowledge them?

All adults were children at least once in your life. And the stars are no exception. How were vip before you grow up (and become) famous ec show themselves via social. Since Instagram has been elected “album of memories favorite”. In the arms of mom and dad (or grandparents’), by bike or by the sea, on the benches of the school.

Who is, then, little boy, clear eyes? Look good, the smile is unmistakable. The photo comes from 1997. Today, the person of years, she’s 44 years old and is a professional, respected all over the world.

And the other stars from the small? Leonardo DiCaprio was, by his own admission, a “child annoying and very ambitious”, he grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Hugh Jackman loved playing on the sand of Bondi Beach, in Australia. Gigi and Bella Hadid were two “little angels blonde” (word of mom Yolanda). Well before the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Here we have collected the best photos. Today and then. The game is simple: have fun guessing who is behind that girl with blue eyes. Or who is behind that child from the leather jacket. Do you recognize him? Are you sure?