Stars in the nude : Mareva Galanter explains why Arthur did not attend the rehearsals of the show

This 7th day of February, seven women will get naked in Celebs naked. Mareva Galanter, the wife of Arthur, is a part of it. For Purepeople, she explained why her husband was not required to attend repeat sessions.

Friday, January 31, in Stars in the nude, seven men are stripped on TF1 to raise awareness of the viewers at the screening of prostate cancer. Philippe Candeloro, Baptiste Giabiconi, Bruno Guillon, Alexandre Devoise, Satya Oblette, Olivier Delacroix and Franck Semonin, so bare for a good cause. This 7th day of February, women are the ones who are going to this time engage in the difficult exercise. This time, it is in favour of screening for breast cancer that Alessandra Sublet, Mareva Galanter, Firmine Richard, Heloise Martin, Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Maddy Burciaga and Fanny Leeb will pluck the first string.

An experience not necessarily obvious to the companion of Arthur, the producer of the show, which has apprehended the moment of stripping. “We had to go through lots of steps, learn things, learn to have self-confidence, to look at her body and accept the views of others on stage. It was draw by young artists to the Fine Arts, or take a picture without the top,” explains Purepeoplecelle who was elected Miss France in 1999.

“For modesty”

The mother of Manava explains to the media that, if she chose to embark on the adventure of Stars naked, it is becauseshe has lost members of his family who were not able to be detected on time. A cause that touches so particularly, as it is part of the association of the Good Fairies. So it is with slight apprehension that Mareva Galanter is engaged in the adventure produced by her husband. And during the preparation of the filming of the women Stars naked, Arthur was not present.

It was really a show made by women. He has been the initiator, it has been the basis, because it is he who has had this idea. But once it was gone, it was never seen. But he was there the night of the show, of course. On the other hand, everything that one has lived through these three weeks of preparation, it was not there, for modesty”, concluded does it Purepeople.