Stefania Orlando dress Simone Gianlorenzi: “to Find it was a fortune,”

Pulls air wedding between the characters of the television, there were those who pronounced the fateful ‘ yes ‘ from little and is ready to live his married life and who, instead, is on the verge of crowning his dream of love. Another protagonist of the small screen, has announced his upcoming marriage, it is of Stefania Orlando.

The love for Simone Gianlorenzi

In the weekly Who, as was announced on the same showgirl on his profile on Instagram, there is an interview in which the commentator speaks of his relationship with the musician Simone Gianlorenzi. The two have been together for eleven years, after which they finally decided to get married. The 52-year-old is on his second marriage, in 1997 he had in fact married the actor Andrea Roncato, from whom she later divorced. The magazine, Alfonso Signorini, Stefania Orlando has revealed the details of her love story and has spent word beautiful in respect of her future husband:

There has not been a single day, in these 11 years, where I have put in the first place. Never gave anything for granted, and I have always been close. Find a man like him it was a fortune, and it is for this reason that we do not have to think twice to say ‘yes’ when, taking my hand, he asked me if I wanted to marry him.

The details of the wedding

They could not miss the details on the wedding, that the showgirl he has curated carefully to make sure that everything was perfect. It will not be a ceremony in the rectory, but it will be an event full of surprises for those who will participate in it, guests will be 150 and must comply with a dress code, as stated during the interview:

We are getting married at sunset, in a civil ceremony, on the beach of Maccarese, near Rome, italy. There will be a magical atmosphere thanks to the dress code of the evening, for total white all, and thanks to a play of soft lights, flowers and candles that we have created. Immediately after the celebration, we will do the ritual of the sand, which represents the joining of two lives in one, and the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime. Then drink on Latvian white, dinner and lots of music.

Work commitments

Stefania Orlando not miss out on the opportunity to talk about his work, after years spent in various radio and television programs, especially in the morning slot from the Facts Your One Morning in the Piazza Grande. His career has been full of participation, especially in Rai and the future bride does not deny regret those times, because now it is busy with activities, television is not in the foreground, but of which does not seem unsatisfied:

I would like to return in the cast of Unomattina in the family, or to help a program. I propose to continuous all the reality shows, but I resist. I don’t see anything wrong in doing telesales or in being a brand ambassador. Every now and then, some hater on Twitter I wrote: ‘Found a job’. It would be easy.

From today you can find at the newsstand on @chimagazineit a wonderful interview (with big revelations) by @iamalessiopoeta , accompanied by fantastic photos made by @marcopiracciniphoto . Thanks to these, my two great friends, but above all professionals in their fields ❤️ thanks to the deputy director @borgnis60 always polite and attentive. A special thanks however, goes to Director @alfosignorini , that is following step by step the path that’s bringing me to the marriage with the love of my life @simonegianlorenzi , WHO gave the news of our wedding preview ❤️ dresses by @dontmissyourdreams and @dandara.rome stylist @marcoscorza82 #love #love #StefyeSimoForever

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