Stefano Bettarini: “When they told me that my son was in end-of-life”

Stefano Bettarini without filters. A guest Revealed, the program of interviews conducted by Lorella Boccia on the Real Time, the former footballer and presenter tells the story without filters, from the professional and private lives up to fatherhood. The appointment is on Thursday 16 January at 21:10 on Channel 31.

Stefano Bettarini and their relationship with Simona Ventura

About his love life, the former competitor of Big Brother Vip admits: “my statements about the betrayal of the mutual during the marriage with Simona Ventura? There they wanted to ride the wave as saying that the betrayal had been during the marriage, but in reality, when I did the names, they were all stories that took place after the separation”. And also adds that “the GF said I couldn’t overcome the separation, the divorce, however, because for me it was a mourning… I have suffered, have suffered, my children… I brought it back for a long time.. the mourning is much more tragic, but I have lived in a devastating manner”.

Stefano Bettarini and aggression to his son Niccolò

On the dramatic event that has seen the son, Niccolò, stabbed outside a nightclub in 2018 while trying to defend a teammate, Bettarini reveals a Lorella Boccia: “I was woken in the morning by a friend of mine who came to ring the bell… ‘look Stephen, your son is serious, it is at the end of life, they stabbed at the exit of a local’… I flew immediately to Milan, while I was going, I called the mother, that was to turn out, and I’m a bit tranquilizzato saying that he had talked with the girl and that was not the end of his life. But until you see it with your eyes you do not believe… In that moment you pass a thousand things to the head. Then I saw that it had taken 13 stab wounds , but fortunately none of these had injured the vital organs”.

Bettarini let go more and more to questions of tv presenter and ex-companion of fortune (Gerò Carraro, ed.) reveals: “he put Us against, in a certain way… his way of being and put a mouth in our relationship, that is not rivaled… A person must go toe-to-toe… must want to good to the children not his as if they were… This friction not benefited to have a good relationship with my ex-wife and make sure that this extended family could work”. And the future husband of Simona Ventura, Giovanni Terzi,…

On the professional choices of the past, admits the regret of having stopped too soon to play football… At 33 years old, considered that physically I never had any major problems, I could last another 5 years. The most beautiful memory? The debut in the National team with Trapattoni, extraordinary person that still today I can”.

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