Stefano De Martino: “A relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi? All fake”

“If I fall in love, I swear to you, I want to say”. So Stefano De Martino via Instagram responds to what, in a few hours, it is already a candidate to be the gossip of the summer of 2020. Written by Dagospia, on a late Saturday evening in early July: “There is a red thread that binds the end of the relationship De Martino-Belén and the crisis Marcuzzi-Calabrian: the affair (discovered by Belén) between De Martino and Alessia Marcuzzi, “reads the site, founded by Roberto D’agostino.

A bomb, put in black and white without any further details, nor explanations (or proofs).

Arrived while all parties involved are on holiday. Belén Rodriguez, who was the first – a few weeks ago – to talk about the new rupture with the husband, is in boat between Positano and Amalfi. “Belén for two weeks and is in love with Gianmaria Antinolfi, an impressive neapolitan entrepreneur”, she adds Dagospia. Stephen instead, who is working on the new edition of Made in the South by a couple of months ago, based in Naples (he returns to Milan only to Santiago, 7, had the showgirl argentina). Alessia Marcuzzi, the wife of Paolo Calabresi Marconi in 2014, moves between the Circeo and Ponza.

The first (and only so far) to break the silence was De Martino. The dancer and conductor, who until this moment had always preferred the “no comment” on the new say goodbye to Belén, and on the alleged new romance, this time choosing another route. And send online, via Instagram stories, a video message: “One small correction, between all the things that have been circulating the web this week, this fake news is the largest. Someone has written that I have or have had a history with Alessia Marcuzzi. I was on the phone with Alessia and Paul, who are two of my great friends, and we made a big laugh in spite of the discomfort of a news of the kind”.

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And still, it continues the 30-year-old: “Unfortunately, I am aware of the location of the media which deal in this time. Being a public figure I agree with the fake news, criticism, of everything that happens. I know that you raised the news in recent months and live peacefully. When you touch the families with children, please avoid really. I promise you that if I fidanzo, if I fall in love, I’ll know. Enjoy the summer”. Point. At least for now.