Stefano De Martino, Emma, Unbearable Public Insistence


The Facts Behind the Controversy

If you didn’t have the television turned on to Rai2 on the evening of June 4th, it is very likely that you came across the names of Stefano De Martino and Emma Marrone on the web and let your imagination run wild. Why, after 11 years since their goodbye, are the two at the top of the trends on the platforms we use every day? The reason is very simple: Stefano and Emma have caught the attention of the curious not for something they said, but for a scene that, to a careful eye, would have been framed as very normal. The facts: during the Napoli Championship party broadcast live on Rai2 with De Martino as host, in the presence of 50,000 people, it happened that several artists reached the center of the stadium to dedicate a tribute or homage to the city. Among these was Emma who, after performing her song, greeted the audience without realizing that Stefano De Martino was slowly advancing behind her to greet her. Well, according to common opinion it seems that Emma “ran away” to avoid a confrontation with the host and former partner despite the fact that over the years they have spoken very well of each other, burying the hatchet for good.

The Aftermath of the Incident

The audience, of course, remained fixed on what happened during the Amici tournament in 2012, when Stefano, then engaged to Emma, began to date Belén Rodriguez who, in that edition, was part of the cast of professional dancers with him. The bomb for the failed confrontation between the two in Naples has generated a whirlwind of controversy that a few hours later led the same Emma to intervene on Instagram to calm the waters. “I’m sorry because in reality there was no chill. On the contrary, Stefano was very good, he kept an extraordinary evening in the middle of 50,000 people, I’m proud of him,” said Emma. “I didn’t even hear him talk behind me. So I wanted to reassure you: there is no chill, I didn’t run away from anywhere because I never run away and I certainly don’t run away from someone I love very much and of whom I am really proud,” Emma clarified, who in fact a few days later even went to dinner with Stefano and Belén, as immortalized by a photo taken with a fan and shared on Instagram.

Exploring the Obsession with Conflict

The question, however, remains: why are we so obsessed with the fact that there must be tension between Stefano and Emma? We’ll tell you: because nowadays it is conflict that governs the world, and that is why we hope to believe that there is no good blood between certain characters.


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