Stefano De Martino naked (and sexy) in the bath: Belen captures all

This summer, Belen only has eyes for her and Stefano , and of course for Santiago, who did not spring for a moment, happy to see them together. The three are spending their holidays in Ibiza – where they took a luxury villa – and on the social is a celebration of love, but also of sensuality.

Photos and ig stories of the family are the order of the day, but there are those super sexy. The last protagonist is a dancer, now “on loan” to the tv: in the bathtub, naked, while bathing with Santiago and plays him strange hairstyles. The two are affiatatissimi and the showgirl shooting them in love, giving mousse hormonal to the followers.

Stefano is an adonis, besides that very nice. Blessed Belen… And thanks (in the name of the fan).

stefano de martino vasca 1-3