Stefano De Martino, single vacation days: Belén increasingly distant


Stefano De Martino’s Summer

For Stefano De Martino, summer is almost over: in October he will return to TV with Bar Stella on Rai2, and from September 24th, always on the same network, he will be the narrator of Il Collegio. But in a few days the preparations for the broadcasts will begin. And so the dancer is enjoying the last days of vacation ever further away from Belen, who – it is now clear – is no longer part of his life. This is demonstrated by the photos of the last snippets of relaxation published by the weekly Chi, which immortalize Stefano De Martino in what is called a “single cruise” in Sardinia.

Stefano De Martino’s Vacation

In the images the dancer is captured on board his boat which he has called Santiago like his son: he is with a few close friends, with whom he shares the last days of sea in Sardinia after the holidays in Puglia and New York with his son. And if in some images he laughs and jokes, in others he is seen with an absorbed expression, sometimes almost drawn. Where his thoughts wandered, obviously, it is not known: to the work commitments that await him soon? Or to the heart, with the new breakup with Belen? Certainly it seems that no new love is on the horizon.

Belen and Stefano’s Separation

While Belen has not spared sibylline shots to the ex with plenty of deer on her Instagram profile, De Martino does not seem to have a new girlfriend yet. And he spent the summer only with his son and with his closest friends. In recent months Stefano and Belen had gotten closer: the shots of the extended family, the smiling photos, the walks in Milan gave the impression that love had been reborn between them. Then, however, obviously the old rusts have come back to the surface and have broken that precarious balance in which the two were moving. And Belen and Stefano have separated again. But the fans of the couple continue to hope that it is only another passing moment and that their beloveds can get back together again.


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