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Stéphane Plaza in hospital, painful revelations of his suffering

A Difficult Accident

Since the beginning of May, Stéphane Plaza’s daily life has been turned upside down. The iconic presenter of M6 has been the victim of an accident, which he revealed on his Instagram account, this Monday, May 29, 2023. It’s not an accident that will stop the Stéphane Plaza tornado. The one who is also an actor and who is currently playing in Un couple magique at the Théâtre des bouffes parisiens (play by Laurent Ruquier) quickly returned to the stage and to the filming sets. However, it is with a cane that he must move for the time being as he reminded this Monday, but not only.

Chilling Revelation

In a video in which he appears alongside his acolyte Carole Carat, we can see him carrying a chair. To know the reason, you had to turn to the legend. Stéphane Plaza then made a chilling revelation about his hospitalization: “Yes, I didn’t tell you everything… when I was at the hospital, the anesthesia started to take effect at the twelfth point! I hurt!” But this is now only a bad memory for Karine Le Marchand’s best friend, who wants to lock this memory away to continue to enjoy the present moment. “Nothing can be as strong as pain… Nothing can be as beautiful when gentleness heals the pain…”, he concluded.

What Happened?

Let us recall that on May 5, Stéphane Plaza revealed that he was taken care of in an emergency by the firefighters, following an injury to his foot. It was not until May 11 that he revealed what had happened: “I broke my foot. As I have twelve points on my foot, now I’m canning. I went into a stool that was not a stool. It was glass.”



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