Still tenderness between Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, missing the kiss that confirms the relationship

The weekly, Who photographed Federica Pellegrini and Matthew Come together once again. The champion and his coach were surprised at two different times: first as lead whilst walking the dog her, and shortly after dinner with mom and dad Pilgrims, in front of which Federica embraces the relaxed the beautiful Matthew. The last few months have put in a row all the elements necessary to talk about the relationship between the two: from the first red carpet in a pair of moments that the champion and his coach spend together while training. Just missing the photo of a kiss because you speak officially a couple.

Matthew Giunta is the cousin of Filippo Magnini

The junta is not just any man: for years, the coach of Federica Pellegrini, and, for a time, he made indirectly part of his family. It is, in fact, the cousin of Filippo Magnini, a former swimmer who was for years the companion of the champion. When the story with Magnini is over, the gossip that they wanted that there was just Now at the basis of the decision of the two of let have caught on with extreme-speed, always-denied by the direct question whether grudgingly, giving in to the fans for what concerns the private sphere.

The first red carpet of the Pilgrims Come

In September, it has begun to speak insistently of a relationship between the Pilgrims and Now. Federica and Matthew walked together the red carpet set up for the event “Wonderful”, organized by federnuoto in Rome. A symbolic photo that Federica has decided to upload on his profile on Instagram, although without clarifying the nature of the relationship that links her to Matthew, the only man who about a year, appears at her side, and that, judging from the intimacy increasing, it may not be only his coach.