Straight (also social) against the dreaded rubbing thighs

Fortunately for us, the time of the thigh gap obsession beauty to the space between the thighs that raged a few years ago), also counteracted by celebs like Ashley Graham (when Mattel created Barbie with her features claimed that your legs will trod on as his) and Demi Lovato (via Instagram said: “I don’t have a space between your thighs and I feel as beautiful as they are”) is setting. Today, in full body positivity, we feel less guilty if mother Nature has not provided us with the thighs of the Angels of Victoria’s Secret with space-like tunnel in the alps. In any case, many of us, human, with skin, from size XXL to S, happen to be united in the sign (fire red, and, alas, painful) of the rubbing of the thighs.

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Drama beauty/existential and occurs every summer because of sweat and humidity, the thigh chafing is a fantastic way old-style to ruin a beautiful sunny day. We repeat (and it is good to do so) that it is not a question plus size: be a person that moves in the warm months is a sufficient condition to cause it. We know that you may not be a fascinating topic, but how many of us, including the most sports, have experienced that annoying rash between the thighs at a certain point of their life? And so, in search of remedies for 4.0, we came across a tip of beauty that comes from Twitter: use the deodorant roll-mr Simple, effective, and, according to the social media, able to turn life, to be applied to the inside of the thighs in the morning to oil them. Bring, then, even in your handbag, to continue to spread it at any time of the day you want. Become the bff of the summer against the chafing of the skin? The post the difficult decision…


If the deo roll-on, however, is not convincing, here is what he recommended Dr. Andrew Cotugno, pharmacist: “references are suitable (in gel, stick or spray) for this problem are those that prevent and reduce to a minimum the friction, and therefore irritation, or any blisters and sores, by creating a protective film long-lasting, resistant to sweat and water, which still allows the normal transpiration of the skin. Usually these products are enriched by the presence of rice starch or vitamin E. The very best products are the ones that are also able to counteract the proliferation of bacteria. In the evening, before going to bed, after washing with a mild detergent, it is useful to apply a cream based on zinc oxide that plays soothing and anti-inflammatory. Very valid, even the ones with glycyrrhetinic acid, bisabolol, Beta-glucan”.


Alternatively, put in the suitcase for holidays a nice pair of Spanx approved by Kim Kardashian, or the bandelettes, bands faux stockings made of soft lace with an addition of silicone in order not to make them move and from plus sexy which is not bad. And, of course, the old trusty talc. Last but not least, a remedy diy: a mixture of corn starch, which absorbs the wet, and coconut oil is very soothing from the anti-inflammatory properties. A combo easy, and a genius for (re)come out to enjoy the summer.

In the gallery, finally, a selection of cosmetics anti-friction (and some deo roll-on if someone wants to try). The skin will thank you for it.