Suicide of the twin stars of reality tv : their funeral outside the norm and celebrated in England

Their fans will remember for a long time of the funeral of Joe and Billy Smith, these twin stars of the tv reality show the british, who are given the death on the 28th of December last.

It’s been a month and a half that the twins Smith were given the death. Made famous in the show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, in 2014, Billy and Joe Smith, very appreciated by the viewers, had committed suicide on December 28, 2019. The announcement had had the effect of a bomb in England, many fans had made the trip to the home of two of the stars of reality tv, to honour their memory. As the reports of the Mirror, by this Friday 14 February, the crowd wished to say a final goodbye to Billy and Joe at their funerals, that can be described as outside the norm. The religious ceremony was very strong emotionally as one of the best friends of the two deceased brothers read a poem he had himself written. In this day of Valentine’s day, hearts filled with chocolates that have been placed in the garden of the grand-mother of Joe and Billy Smith. The preferred drink of the two brothers aged 32 years, whisky has been served to the people who had come to collect.

A last goodbye

The fans, who came in number were able to attend a fashion show spectacular for the funeral of Joe and Billy Smith. In fact, the two coffins blanks were transported in two cars, horse drawn wagons, drawn by horses. The passage of the procession, relatives, celebrities but also some of the anonymous have embraced the cars that took the bodies of the twins. Once the ceremony concluded, the procession took the route to the burial place, the body of Joe in the head, since he is the first baby to be born. On the car the first brother was written the word “Dad” on the second, “Uncle”. A last word for each of the children, who died far too early…