Summer hair: variations on the theme of wet look

It is one of the certainties of the summer when the frizz is trending, the heat suffocates, a jar of gel or hair wax is what you need to resolve the situation. The wet look, or, thehairstyle wet-look effect, always, represents the turning point in every #badhairday unwanted.

Recent Elisabetta Gregoraci to present the evening on Italia1 “Beats Live” has acconcaito in wet her hair long and brown, and in combination with her dress and make-up of the electric blue, the choice was mind-blowing.

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Will look tonight on Italia1 at 21.15 for the second installment of Beats Live!! 💙Last Monday, you have been many…and I hope you’re looking over a lot tonight!! I wait for your comments…we hug and I lovvo as always Eli

A post shared by Elisabetta Gregoraci (@elisabettagregoracireal) on Aug 3, 2020 at 6:52am PDT

The ability to resist time and fashions of this trend in steel depends on its versatility and ability to evolve. Thanks also to the reinterpretation of this contemporary classic is on the walkways, which give ideas and then easy to re-reading in the street style and celebs.

The fashion shows spring-summer 2020, pre-covid, new ideas on the subject have given away many, demonstrating how a simple change of the texture of the hair allows for play with the look by creating sculptures and a mix of hairstyles, surprising.

Not to be missed, so that I may be faithful to this name, is the wet look to the boyish, with the effect of the cream typical of boys of a time. Is suitable for hair of different lengths while also allowing a short-cut to acquire an allure of a grand soirée. From Versace, the fashion models Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber have proposed a wet and very modern of their bob, pettinandoli back and movimentandoli with light wisps left free around the face effect of baby hair, many popular in this period.
A detail that the other runways has been worked up to make a sculpture of the waving and ornamental to the face that winds up on the front as a branch or a vine. Seen from Alexander Wang.
Beautiful also the versions bouffant with textures wet and voluminous hairstyles of the years ’60 of On Off and rereading the glossy forelock peekaboo worn by Bella Hadid for Haider Ackermann. The effect of “grease” rockabilly music continues to fascinate.

Sexy, feminine, practical and above all fast, the hair is wet applied to the hairstyle canonical as the semiraccolti, but also a chignon and braids more complicated and artistic continues to maintain its primacy.

In the gallery many ideas from the fashion shows to be copied for the days and evenings in the summer.