Summer: is it correct to store cosmetics in the fridge?

Metamorphosis in the summer: the refrigerator can become the new maxi beauty case to house some cosmetics and be the best friend of the skin for a crio-therapy easy. They know well the many make-up bloggers, influencers and beauty editors that they post on their social mini-fridges for cosmetics, which have become true cult objects super-instagrammabili for new fans of the “beauty of ice” (read the hashtag: #minifridge, #minifridgeshelfie, #skincarefridge, #beautyfridge).

But the refrigerator and the cosmetics are really (and always) agree? “Before answering, we must make a premise”, explains Leonardo Celleno, dermatologist and cosmetologist president AIDECO (aideco.

org). “The cosmetics that are produced in the Countries of the European Community are subjected to the stability test and other tests that attest to their ability not to decompose at any ambient temperature, even in extreme (hot or cold), and to maintain its effectiveness after the opening for the time indicated on the label, in the PAO (Period After Opening, recognizable symbol of the jar open most of the month of reference)”.

Clarified this point, the fact remains that for some cosmetics, the cold really contribute to a better conservation, especially in the case of very high temperatures. To benefit from the effect on frozen are, in principle, the formulas of organic and/or free from preservatives and those rich in water, such as lotions, creams and emulsions, make-up in cream or fluid, which tend to evaporate with heat and that are more easily contaminated by the microorganisms with the high temperatures compared to those in dust. “In the summer, best to store in the refrigerator, the creams and serums that have a high concentration of active antioxidants such as vitamin C, is unstable, and those with compounds, fermented.

Love the storage in the fridge also creams with retinol, which oxidizes easily, and those for the treatment of acne based on benzoyl peroxide, which alters easily with the heat losing its ability antibacterial. Thumbs down also for the glazes, in order to avoid addensino for evaporation of the solvents,” explains Celleno. Pure perfumes should be stored in the refrigerator, but, in this case, to prevent alterations in the olfactory.

If some of the cosmetic benefit of the advantages, other risk alterations due to the effect from the frigid temperatures of a refrigerator. In the case of primers, oils, face and body, and of the products based on waxes. Attention also to mascara, pencils and lipsticks, that too low temperatures are liable to changes of consistency, which make it difficult to draft and, in the case of pencils, an enhanced friability, which facilitates the breakage. “Also, the dust should not stay in the fridge: compact foundation, lands, bronzer, eye shadow, blush, and powders are composed of a volatile powder that does not risk contamination if stored at high temperatures, as the fridge tends to inumidirle and damaging the texture, feel Celleno.

Beyond conservation, there is more: by stimulating the microcirculation and partially bonding the fabrics, the cold from the fridge improves the action of some creams & C. “To increase the hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin, better to keep it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before application is the tonic for the face masks in fabric soaked in active ingredients. A very good and classic trick is to keep the cream around the eyes, to enhance the effect of tonic and decongestant,” says Celleno. A crio-extra tip: keep the fluid foundation in the refrigerator in the department is less cold, because of the effect frozen it stimulates the microcirculation, by multiplying the radiance. The cellulite creams, in particular, can have a better drainage effect, if applied after they have been stored in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours, all the more so that some of the formulas already provide for a cooling effect, thanks to the type of texture, like a gel, and ingredients such as menthol and peppermint. “Also, the water spray, the concentrated precious active ingredients such as salts and other trace elements in the case of the thermal pools, multiply their beauty-powers if kept in the cold,” says Celleno.

Moreover, they are perfect to wear even on the beach (preferably in a thermos to keep the temperature in the fridge) for a pit stop at the sign of the force and of ready hydration to the skin. Continuing the theme of life (post -) the beach, you can keep it in the refrigerator also
after-sun lotion, to give the skin a plus of freshness and relief. Perfect to keep in the fridge before I use the jade roller and other massage therapists manual for the face and the body, because it multiplies the draining effect and lifting.