Summer Manicure 2020, enamels favorite according to the sign of the zodiac

There are signs, like the Twins, that change your manicure every two days and others, such as Capricorn, which is just the basic to face the week of work if not even the whole month. Each has its own approach, but there is no sign of the zodiac that does not think of the beauty of its end. In the summer, then to have the nails of the hands and feet, enameled with the right colors is a must. For at least two reasons: the first, more psychological, it makes one feel better immediately. The second, more social, gives selfie at the beach or at the cocktail hour, catch like.

How are we to understand, however, what is the ideal shade? Reveal the stars. On the contrary, Adama Sesay, astrologer and founder of Lilith in the Astrology which, being interviewed by Essence magazine, has unveiled what are the colors of the glazes that are suitable to the signs of the zodiac to show off this summer and always.

“Some of the colors and tones can bring out the best energy of each sign of the zodiac,” says Sesay, “you Can also choose them according to your sun sign (i.e. the one that corresponds to your date of birth) but also on the sign, combined with the planet Venus. Venus in the natal chart represents what you find aesthetically attractive or beautiful in life and in love. Is the planet that governs beauty, and at this time is in the sign of Cancer after being for two months until the 8th of August in the sign of Gemini”.

Browse the gallery and discover according to the sign of the zodiac which the enamel can not miss in your beauty case!