Support administrator Gina Lollobrigida, the court: “Understanding the summary of reality”

The Court of Appeal of Rome has rejected the appeal of Gina Lollobrigida about the need to be accompanied by a support administrator who manage the assets and affairs of the present. The diva 91enne was opposite to the disposition of the same court, by presenting the appeal. On appeal, however, the need to put it side by side to an administrator that the media was confirmed. The “Bersagliera” 91enne would be able to provide alone to manage its image, by communicating it well to the outside, but are so “suggestible” to make the necessary support to guide it in the management of its assets.

The reasons for the decision

The decision of the judges Gisella Dedato, Paul Russo and Elisabetta Pierazzi is based on the advice formulated by the expert Paola Cavatorta, after a series of interviews with the diva. Lollobrigida has been described as “lucid and authoritative” under the artistic profile, and the communication of its image, but a victim of “moments of genuine disorientation of space and time the most engaged in the issue of the persecution”. His interpersonal skills would be intact but the actress would appear to be “fragile” in all other fields. According to the advice, the President would be “to himself and to others the illusion of having the full dominion of his life and his business, while understanding the reality that surrounds it is coarse and its reviews are current surface”. Able to remember perfectly the episodes and protagonists of his past life and his golden years, would appear to be “confused” in the discussion of themes that have significance and everyday practice.

The comment of the family of the Lollobrigida

Lollobrigida would ignore the entity of its assets, nor would it be advised with respect to its management and to the companies that control it: “he Has provided answers, not comprehensive, sometimes confused, not remembering any data relating to revenues, costs and actual performance of such companies”. To take care of themselves in terms of practical, the diva would need the constant assistance of his assistant, Andrea Piazzolla, already investigated for circumvention of incapable persons. “The conclusions reached by the Court of appeal reminds us that the processes are taking place in the courtrooms and not in the tv studios,” was the comment, entrusted by the relatives of the diva to the lawyer, Michele Silvestri that supports them.