Tallulah Willis’ Ignorance of Bruce Willis’ Illness Signs


Tallulah Willis’s Story

Tallulah Willis is a 29-year-old woman dealing with the illness of her famous father, Bruce Willis, 68. At the beginning of the year, the Hollywood actor was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), which forced him to retire from the stage to focus on therapy.

Denial of Bruce Willis’s Illness

Back to Tallulah Willis, born from the marriage of Bruce with his ex-wife Demi Moore, she told the American edition of Vogue that she had long denied her father’s worsening health, convinced that he had closed himself off because he was not interested in her and her sisters and focused on his new family (Bruce Willis remarried in 2009 with former model Emma Heming). “At the beginning of 2022, my family announced that Bruce Willis was suffering from aphasia, an inability mediated by the brain to speak or to understand language. Then, at the beginning of this year, we discovered that that symptom was a characteristic of Frontotemporal Dementia, a progressive neurological disorder. But I had known for a long time that something was wrong. It all started with a kind of vague indifference from my father, which we had attributed to hearing loss in the family. We would say: ‘Die Hard has massacred Dad’s ears’. Subsequently, his lack of response worsened and I sometimes took it personally. He had had two children with my stepmother, Emma Heming Willis, and I thought he had lost interest in me. Even though it was the furthest thing from the truth, my teenage brain tortured itself with wrong logic: I’m not beautiful enough for my mother, I’m not interesting enough for my father. I admit that I lived in denial of what was happening to Bruce and I’m not proud of it,” commented Tallulah Willis, who only recently managed to get out of a painful spiral of eating disorders.

Tallulah Willis’s Recovery

Tallulah Willis only recently managed to get out of a painful spiral of eating disorders.


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