Tamara Falcó anger: My normal weight is maintained


Controversy Around Tamara Falcó

Counting down to her wedding, controversy has once again surrounded Tamara Falcó. Her happiness after her trip to New York to visit the Carolina Herrera workshop and try on her wedding dress for the first time did not last long; the new front opened by the Marquesa de Griñón, the information that she is going to enter a specialized weight loss clinic to lose about 10 kilos before saying “I do” to Íñigo Onieva.

Tamara Denies Weight Loss Claims

Apparently, Isabel Preysler’s daughter would not be too comfortable with the weight she has gained in recent months and has decided to spend about 20 days in a prestigious clinic in Marbella to, with a strict diet -which includes fasting and food based on juices and vegetable broths- supervised by professionals, lose almost a dozen kilos to look perfect on her wedding day. In fact, Tamara has already attended this prestigious clinic, whose 10-day therapeutic fasting program costs more than 4,000 euros, since Mario Vargas Llosa, Isabel Presyler’s ex, was a regular at this place. However, the socialite has broken her silence on this subject in ‘Vanitatis’ and, indignant, has denied that she intends to lose 10 kilos in just over a month. “The dress is made to measure and therefore it is made to my body. What a nonsense and lack of respect. I am at my normal weight,” she said, annoyed by the headlines that have taken over her physique in recent days.

Tamara Finishing Wedding Preparations

Tamara is finishing the preparations for her wedding. What is true is that she will spend a few days in this luxurious clinic -as she did in August 2022- to undergo a detox diet and beauty treatments, as many brides do before their big day. But nothing of what has been noted in different media: “To lose those kilos I would have to be a year. That I could be thinner, yes; but, come on, I find it all a bit outrageous. As I have said several times, what is important to me is the sacrament of marriage,” she said, putting an end to a subject that has not sat well with her and has once again tarnished the illusion she has for her wedding with Íñigo.


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