Tamara Falcó Detox Diet: Strict Pre-Wedding Regimen


Tamara Falcó’s Pre-Wedding Detox

Tamara Falcó is one month away from becoming the wife of Íñigo Onieva, one of the most talked-about weddings due to the couple’s bumpy love story. The marquise would not be happy with her physical appearance, according to some media reports a few weeks ago, something that would have led her to do a detox diet at a prestigious center.

The Chosen Clinic

The famous Buchinger clinic in Marbella, which she has already visited on other occasions, would have been the place chosen by the socialite to do a therapeutic fast before her wedding with Íñigo Onieva. At first it was speculated that Tamara Falcó wanted to lose 10 kilos, although she has denied it, assuring that she is in her normal weight and that she has no problem with the dress, “in which I enter because it is made to measure”.

Duration of the Detox

Everything points to the daughter of Isabel Preysler, who continues to avoid bumps in her wedding with Íñigo, will be at the mentioned center for about two weeks, until mid-June. That said, neither she nor Íñigo Onieva have wanted to deny if the information about her admission is true.


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