Tamara Falcó & Íñigo Onieva: A Couple’s True Nature Revealed


Analysis of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva’s handwriting

A psychologist, graphologist and handwriting expert has been consulted to analyze their handwriting and shed light on the character of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva and reveal how their relationship is. According to her signature, the expert explains that Tamara is affectionate, affectionate, but demands the same from her. She is not very subtle, nor does she have much empathy, she wants others to give her the same as she gives them. The aristocrat is quite demanding, not always very understanding, and does not have much breadth of vision. Direct, always says what she thinks. Tamara Falcó’s signature has a heart.

Íñigo Onieva’s Character

Georgina Sans assures that Íñigo’s letter reveals that he is clever, mentally agile, with a good perspective and knows how to anticipate, solve on the go. The entrepreneur has initiative, does not have much trouble making decisions and does not have much patience. Intuitive and sensitive, he knows how to please and make happy with details, in addition to having a good memory and being creative. Of an enterprising nature, he is not very routine.

The Relationship Between Them

As for the relationship, it is Íñigo who knows how to lead it, makes decisions easily and makes his partner feel good. He can have many details, be very affectionate, very imaginative and, both emotionally and sexually, knows how to seduce. His letter reveals that she, Tamara, can often be on the defensive because she does not have much confidence in herself, but when she feels secure with someone, she relaxes and lets herself be loved. She can be quite possessive due to her insecurities, but this does not affect someone like Íñigo, who is strong and knows her well. The future marriage can become a conventional couple, with the clear dominance of Íñigo and the happy acceptance of Tamara. He is a person capable of taking a family forward, he has confidence in himself and knows where he wants to go and how he wants the future to be. She will follow him, she likes to be led with security.


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