Tamara Falcó Wedding: Challenges of Planning a Big Day


Tamara Falcó’s Wedding Preparations

Tamara Falcó is getting married on July 8th, at the age of 41, and not only is she feeling the nerves of any bride-to-be in the weeks leading up to her wedding, but the preparations are also being hindered by setbacks that make it seem like bad luck is surrounding the union. In fact, her engagement to Íñigo Onieva did not start off on the right foot because only two days after he proposed to her, in September last year, his disloyalty was revealed, causing the Marchioness of Griñón to end the relationship. However, over the months, the couple drew closer and resumed their plans to marry at the beginning of this year. Small changes were made to the “cursed” engagement ring. After their reconciliation, Íñigo asked for some adjustments to be made to the jewel that had not brought them much luck. Now Tamara proudly wears it (left).

Tamara’s Dress

Tremendously excited about the preparations for this major event, Isabel Preysler’s most media-friendly daughter decided that her wedding dress would be made by the Basque brand Sophie et Voilà, owned by Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia, whom she met when her sister Ana Boyer was getting married. “Then I saw a dress and I told my sister: ‘You have to marry it’, but she didn’t want to. Later I realized it was more suitable for me”, she said on ‘El Hormiguero 3.0’ about one of the designs the company was creating for her. However, the initial understanding broke down and Tamara will not be getting married in a Sophie et Voilà dress but in one by Carolina Herrera. The news broke on May 16th when the owners of the company released a statement. “Unfortunately, the agreement between Sophie et Voilà and Mrs. Falcó for the making of her wedding dress had to be resolved as a consequence of the contractual breach on Mrs. Falcó’s part”, the text assured, in which Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia highlighted that “we feel a deep respect for the artistic creation of other colleagues and our business ethics prevents us from crossing certain limits that could put the original authorship of the design at risk”.

The Designers

The designers. Saioa Goitia (left) and Sofía Arribas (right), owners of Sophie et Voilà. Although, at first, Tamara hinted that the statement took her by surprise, in the following hours, it was revealed that, about two weeks before, she, through her team of lawyers, had sent an “e-mail” to the designers explaining that she had no intention of using the dresses they had presented to her. The words of the owners of Sophie et Voilà suggest that the Marchioness of Griñón could have proposed to them to “fervently” take inspiration from the creation of another dressmaker and the media did not take long to delve into the matter.


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