Tanning: products and tips to maintain it

Holidays, yes we’re tanning (or are already). Suddenly we took that complexion which smells of after-sun lotion coconut and that makes us feel so good with ourselves. Yes, the “miracle” happened in this summer pandemic. But the nice golden brown color, you know, to be with us for a long time only if we move the pieces right “Advice to use complex multivitamin tablets, beads, stick on buccal, depending on the liking with antioxidants and natural ingredients such as green tea, vitis vinifera (extracted from grapes), vitamin E, vitamin C, Lutein (important for protecting the retina of the eye) so as to protect the skin even from the inside,” explains the dermatologist Maddalena, Montalbano .

“To counteract the production of inflammatory of UVA and UVB rays and modulate proper production of melanin. Take one month before, during, and one month after exposure to the sun, with just one tablet a day to increase the safety of skin exposed to the sun. Also take in diet fruit in abundance, species cherries are rich in anthocyanins, potassium, magnesium, namely, antioxidants will improve the synthesis of our own collagen and therefore to have an anti-aging action”.

“At least once a week exfoliation with micropeeling of plant origin for the body, containing hibiscus extract smoothing encapsulated in microgranules with extract of hyaluronic acid that smooths and moisturizes the skin and for the face a gentle scrub effect “smooth”, containing thermal water without the use of brushes brushing effect”.

“For cleansing, best to use an oil shower that hydrates the skin effect to silken the skin with polidocanolo and bibabololo that contrast the desiccant action of the water. To follow moisturize the skin of the face and body with products rich in panthenol to alleviate the redness, niacinamide , hyaluronic acid, all substances with soothing , moisturizing and healing properties. Just one product for face and body”.

Best is always to avoid to stick on the face and body substances which may give inflammatory reactions during exposure to the sun such as alpha hydroxy acids or betaidrossiacidi of the fruit content in the creams more in the winter, too aggressive at this time of year, or self-tanners that may trigger allergic reactions”.

“Treatment is recommended especially for the face at least twice a week to moisturize and nourish the tired skin from the sun and do especially in the evening when skin is most receptive to the absorption of the active ingredients is a form sos with oxygen biomimetic, alternated with a base of pink baccarat, orchid and poppy are highly restorative”.