Temptation, Anna is overwhelmed by the insults on social

“I’m glad that you were sick, you had to understand that without me you don’t make it”. With this phrase, uttered several times with a satisfied grin at the last bonfire, Anna Boschetti has finally conquered the title of the “evil” of Temptation Island 2020 (Lorenzo Amoruso, instead, gave that of “puppeteer”). The strategy of a hairdresser roman to be jealous of the boyfriend at the end it worked: Andrea Battistelli not only went away from reality with her, but has also yielded about living together – now the two live together – and not see more time allowed for the much-requested (by her) son.

In short, a happy ending, if it weren’t for the wave of insults that Anna is receiving on social media, but of which, according to him, does not matter much since its purpose has been achieved. The more that time passes the hours, and the more her profile Instagram is filled with criticism and insults, from those who gives you the”climber social” and “maintained”, who is said to be ashamed of how you behaved during the reality, until you get to actual insults. Someone, even, invokes the intervention of Andrea’s family.

Of bad words there are for him also, that you save because it only has a profile in Facebook (private) and very active. On Instagram, however, there is a fan who has opened a dedicated account, and was forced to intervene: “I get continuous messages with insults to Andrea – you read between the stories – 1 are not Andrea, but the page is managed by fans, 2 it is not up to you to judge his choice. The important thing is that he’s happy, then instead of insulting you do something more productive”.

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Who are Anna and Andrea

Anna Boschetti has 37 years old, works as a hairdresser and lives in Rome with the daughters of 11 and 9 years old, born from a previous relationship. Andrea Battistelli has 27 years old, working in Rome in the family restaurant and after Temptation Island went to live with his girlfriend. They’ve been engaged for a year and a half and now that they have done their trip in the feelings, you are determined – especially him – to want to build a family together.