Temptation Island, Ciavy and Valeria are back together

They want to give themselves a second chance Valeria and Ciavy, the protagonists of the last edition of Temptation Island. The two at the last campfire, after a comparison of the burning, had decided to return home each in his own way, convinced not to have anything more to say, but the distance, evidently, has led the board.

Here they are together again on Instagram, where they have announced the return of the flame. “‘The only certain thing was that he was back and that she wanted to not go more’ – you read next to the photo, published on the profile of both, in which they embrace in love – we shopped one last time, and we are promised with these eyes, try it again without any qualms… it Will be all the most new and experienced with more awareness. We do not know where it will lead us in this new travel, but I know that we will leave hand-in-hand”.

Engaged for four years, Ciavy and Valeria have never lived together but this time they could make the big step to measure their love after the experience at Temptation Island (which has put them to the test). It will not be easy to overcome the problems of the couple that had put them to participate in the reality show of Channel 5, however, seem to be convinced to want to try again.

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