Temptation, talks about Alessandro Graziani: the truth about the relationship with Serena Enardu

Temptation Island Vip 2019 is finished by a piece: the couples who have decided to go out together by the program are still in love, and the same was the determination with which, on the contrary, the other have wanted to put a point at the hopeless situation sentimental.

But if it is still not clear a point about relationships, mine from the reality of Channel 5, what is the relationship between Serena Enardu and the single Alessandrio Graziani, who was born during the stay in the village which was useful to think of something more profound than a simple friendship. Until some time ago, the former tronista of Men and Women who has left the partner Pay after six years at the end of the television experience, he said he did not want to speak of the boy to protect him from any insinuation, but now it is his turn to break the silence with an interview heralding different ideas.

Men and Women Magazine, the guy has admitted to not be able to define the relationship with Serena who today continue to hear with frequency: “Immediately after the end of the program , we have approached as much because I feel I am in part responsible for the difficult situation that Serena was experiencing, I wanted to stay by her side to the best of my ability,” said Alessandro, still in the condemn those who have criticized the choice of the woman to leave Pago.

The comment on the comparison of Pag and Serena of ‘Men and Women’

With respect to the meeting between the two former in the study of ‘Men and Women’, Graziani has assisted from behind the scenes of the program commented: “I was Not ready to the bottom to enter. I didn’t want to put further difficulties in Pay, nor be a burden to Serena”.

What he feels for her at this time? “I’d like to see, spend time with her, because together we have been well and I am sure that having close riproverei those emotions. But I know that this is not the time and, now, it is right to respect his time,” said Alexander, admitting that it would be ready for a relationship despite the geographical distance (he lives in Sabaudia, you of Cagliari): “If, before Serena was, for me, always been a limit to the birth of a relationship, today I say that I let things do their course without asking the brakes”.

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