Ten profiles instagram to follow for a make-up-inspired Drag Queen

This year, because of the restrictive measures for the Coronavirus, is not there will be the usual parades to the streets of the city that, since June 1969, the year that marked the turning point of the movement, LGBTQ+, and celebrate the universality of civil rights.

In that year, on the night between 27 and 28 June, started violent riots and protests because of another Police raid on a local – the Stonewell Inn New York city – attended by homosexuals and transgender people. That was the beginning of decades of struggles and battles, of small steps forward for the recognition of civil rights and universal freedoms that still do not stop.

Despite the absence of the parades of this year, the desire to fight and claim is not extinguished. It is for this reason that we have decided to celebrate it in beauty inspired by some of the Drag Queen the most influential of the web to recreate the make-up ultra bold and colorful. Ten profiles from the manner of irreverent and super creative makeup artistry from the wow effect. But to join the battle rainbow, however, are also a lot of beauty brands that have enabled ad-hoc initiatives or created products in limited edition to celebrate the Pride Month.

As Douglas that invites you to express your personality and to embrace diversity, just like the employees of the brand, on the site describe their concept of Pride. But not only that. Just browse a little bit on the platform to discover their tips for recreating the make-up ultra colorful and spectacular.

The same warning Sephora , which in view of the absence of the parades, collect the most beautiful pictures of look at the theme of Pride, and will publish on the channel, and Instagram of Sephora Italy for a real digital parade. To participate is easy, just post your look and share it with the hashtag #SephoraWearYourPride by tagging @sephoraitalia. Testimonial of the initiative are the same employees in Sephora for the whole month of June they wanted to bring their Pride to the streets of their city.

Also Pinalli follows the wave Pride, activating six days of special promotions, with products sold at unbeatable prices, times to celebrate love in all its forms. Of the same idea to Avon, who continues in his mission, and his commitment to fighting homophobia, fighting gender differences.