Terelu Campos considering suing Raquel Bollo


Terelu Campos Announces Legal Action

After talking about Manuel Cortés’ forced abandonment in ‘Survivors 2023’, Terelu Campos announced something on the set of ‘Sálvame Diario’ that none of the collaborators were expecting. After the altercation that occurred a few days ago with Raquel Bollo in the hallways of Telecinco, it seems that the presenter is studying to initiate legal actions against her. Terelu has made it clear that “I cannot allow such an accusation to be made about me” and added: “I feel sorry because many things can be accused of me, but that I am not a committed person, that I have not respected and supported Raquel Bollo’s cause, something that I have always done…”.

Raquel Bollo’s Anger

Raquel Bollo got very angry with the program. “I have never had any doubt about her story,” Terelu assured and understands that “one can get very nervous, but not cross certain lines”. After these statements, the presenter warned that “I would accept a message of ‘I was nervous, if I expressed myself like this, I’m sorry because I know you have never doubted me’, but to this day she has not received Raquel’s apologies. Belén commented on Terelu’s words and assured that she was acquiring a protagonism that did not belong to her because Raquel was addressing the program, not her in particular: “I think it was directed at you”. Somewhat annoyed, the presenter replied: “Belén, I don’t need Raquel Bollo to give me protagonism and even less in something so terrible as this”.

Terelu’s Request for an Apology

Let us remember that Raquel was very agitated in front of the cameras after seeing Chiquetete’s daughter talking about her and her children on the set. Without mincing words, she reprimanded Terelu for turning her face away days ago in makeup and then lashed out at the program for continuing to talk about her after having three sentences that dictate that she has been a victim of gender violence. However, it seems that Terelu understands that she was addressed in some way and that she reprimanded her for not having supported her as a victim of gender violence, so she wanted to make it clear that she is studying to take legal measures and that all she asks for is an apology from Raquel.


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