Terelu Campos on her mother’s health: a candid update


The Family Spotlight

On the final stretch to say goodbye to the ‘Viernes Deluxe’, Terelu Campos has been one of the honored guests and has given a very personal interview. The daughter of María Teresa Campos has sat down with her companion, María Patiño, and has shown her most unknown side by breaking her golden rule and talking about her mother’s health, and also about her own intimate life. The last week has been very intense for her family, which in addition to going through a very delicate moment due to the health of the matriarch, has also seen how the birth of her sister Carmen Borrego’s first grandchild began as a hell for her.

Breaking the Golden Rule

Terelu has spoken bluntly about some of the open fronts she has ahead. Her mother is at the center of the media spotlight due to her delicate health, of which little is known at the request of the family. “I do it with suffering, but first with love. Above all, because it generates suffering for her. If she did not suffer and only we suffered, I would sign it right now. It’s not impossible,” she commented, when María asked her how she manages to control herself during these types of situations. In addition, Terelu has confirmed that her mother does not know that ‘Sálvame’ is going to end: “I don’t know if I’m going to tell her because I don’t know if it’s good for her. She knows that I present, but she hardly sees it. When she sees it, it makes me very happy because the girl writes to me and says: ‘oh, how pretty’.”

Reviving Intimate Relationships

With every minute that passed, Terelu began to loosen up more and more. When the topic of intimate relationships arose, the guest confessed between laughs that “I was dead, now suddenly it seems that I am reviving a little bit“. However, the television personality has admitted that “I’m not having fun yet, but I’m pretending. Now I look around occasionally. Before they looked at me and I didn’t look at anyone, so I didn’t even notice, but now I let them in”. Terelu Campos has been honest about sex on the ‘Viernes Deluxe’. But, despite opening up more every day, the eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos has revealed that she does not let them in “completely” and admits that “I’m not ready yet”. That’s the problem. My fear is making love, having sex.” “I have always been a very sexual person and I have enjoyed it, depending on who, because I have found many clumsy people, more than I would have liked, but I have always been very generous, it gives me pleasure to give pleasure” she also revealed, in a conversation with María Patiño that has become more and more comfortable for the guest.


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