Tess Masazza: “Thanks Mom!”

This article has been published on 30/31 of Vanity Fair in the newsagents until 11th August

At first sight, Tess Masazza is striking for its beauty. Born in Los Angeles, and grew up in Tunisia, brunette with clear eyes, is an exotic blend of the chromosomes of Italian from his paternal and malagasy from the mother. But as you move the physical appearance goes in according to plan: “Most beautiful are funny. My being petite and with the round head makes it more credible scenes of eternal little girl capricious, even if of years now I have 33.

In the scene, what matters is the physicality more than the physical,” he says with that French accent that makes the sketch of his series on YouTube Melodramachic – Unbearably woman even more fun.

What, then, is beauty according to you?
“It is a question of character. I happened to console a friend offended by comments about his body, and think: “But what do they know? Don’t really know”. I know that may seem strange, but only when you know a person closely, his interests and his passions, see how beautiful it is. The beauty passes in the first place from the good that we want to ourselves. I, for example, I decided to take – I care of my body through a healthy diet and drinking more water. And I noticed that the skin has become beautiful.”

In the video, however, depicts the most common obsessions aesthetic female hair removal, premenstrual syndrome (pms), the test costume…
“Of course, because they are parts of real life. We must learn to smile more in everyday life, even our whims. So we have them all. I have the fixed hair thin. But for the rest are not obsessed with their beauty routine. My is very minimal. I have to say, however, that to interpret ironically, the paranoia of women is also useful for men: among my audience there are many couples that have recognized their girls. This helps make some topics less taboo”.

She immediately understood that the u.s. women would have been his horse of battle?
“I’ve always had the need to pull out my self-deprecating. But to the credit of my success I owe to my mother: after arguing, he told me that I had a character unbearable and that I would have to shoot and see me to understand it. I immediately thought that was a brilliant idea!”.

Who has inspired you?
“Among my role models, there is the French actress Florence Foresti. It is famous for the staging of women aged 40 and over. It has a physicality very petite, but has the ability to be transformed. To know to become a moment, a tomboy, or an elegant lady, or a sport. The rest is admired by his ability to embody any type of character regardless of physical characteristics. And then I let myself be inspired by what I see and I listen, in fact, from the conversations between girls, or between boyfriends. Because the everyday has always been an inexhaustible source of funny stories”.