Tessa Raimbault Death: Suspect Confesses 4 Years Later Thanks to Julien Courbet


A Tragic Disappearance

This is a sordid affair that has been in the headlines for four years now. We are talking about the tragic disappearance of Tessa Rimbault, a 17-year-old high school student, found dead by the side of the road after being hit while returning home.

The Last Desperate Attempt

This was followed by a relentless investigation to trace the hit-and-run driver, without success. Through numerous hearings and years of investigation that ended with a non-place last April, the victim’s family appealed to Julien Courbet’s service in the show “Appel à témoins” broadcast on M6. A last desperate attempt that against all odds bore fruit. On June 12, in the first part of the show, the host kicked the anthill to try to solve this enigma. The viewers did not remain insensitive to the distress of Tessa’s mother who spoke in front of the camera before launching “a last call”. Finally, tongues loosened, allowing new information to be obtained that the prosecutor of the Republic of Nantes took very seriously. Among the many testimonies, one of them caught his attention.

The Culprit is Found

Two days after the broadcast of the program, a man went to the gendarmerie to denounce the one he claims to be the culprit. “We know well after this kind of show, there are testimonies that we already know. But not this time: there was something not classic” explained Renaud Gaudeuil, the magistrate in charge of the case. A media boost that definitively seals the end of a mystery hitherto unsolved. In the wake of the hearing, this witness said he had received the confidences of a friend who openly admitted his guilt. Apparently under the influence of alcohol, the latter would have had a heavy conscience and would have expressed remorse twice to his entourage. All confirmed this version of the facts. Presented as the main suspect, Anthony E, 24 years old, was arrested and placed in custody. The young man would finally have talked and made his confessions this Thursday, May 23. “He admitted the facts, specifying that it was an accident. He was aware of the accident but chose to flee” said the prosecutor. Charged with aggravated involuntary homicide and placed in provisional detention due to a risk of suicide, the investigators still find it hard to believe such an outcome.


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