Tex reacts to his defeat in the court against the production of Z’amours

Disappointed that he had obtained the Labour court after his removal des Z amours Tex had used. But the production company of the game of France 2 was finally indeed won in court, what the former moderator has a hard time digesting.

Fired des Z’amours in December 2017, Tex had promised to the production of a battle in court. The facilitator had been dismissed for serious misconduct. A decision justified by his bad “joke” controversy on domestic violence, but also and above all by his behavior and his words moved on to the filming of the game of France 2. Determined to obtain redress, Tex had to be dragged to the Prud’hommes, the production company Sony Pictures Television and claimed ” about 1, 2 million euro “. On July 27, 2018, the court awarded him “only” 45 000 euros in damages and interest. No doubt thanks to the solid documentation provided by the lawyer of the opposing party, which contained recordings overwhelming for the host… Tex had appealed, but a judgment of the Court of appeal has confirmed, on December 3, the first judgment. So naturally, today he is a little disappointed…

Tex tries to be optimistic after his defeat in the court

Tex is entrusted to Non-Stop People : “It is particularly unfair, but I can’t complain, because there are a lot of people who are in the street with yellow vests, with lots of ideas. There is a lot of poverty, so it is out of the question to complain about “, he explained, a bit disillusioned. The former host of the Z’amours, who still believes that his ouster was ” quite unfair and quite disgusting “, was down to the judges. “I especially felt that justice was not his work. The decision is completely amazing, ” he protested with Non-Stop People. But I don’t want to comment on more than that. “Tex concentrates on the future, which promises, according to him, beaming :” I am in the process of developing theatre projects, television, a bit of cinema and a bit also in the one-man-show, he confided. I’m not unhappy. It is very hard to complain when you had the life that I’ve had for nearly 20 years. “But all things have an end, especially when it precipitates itself.