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TF1 colleague charmed by new weather favourite.

Ange Noiret: A Meteorologist with a Bright Future

Whether it rains or blows, TF1 viewers look forward to discovering their weekend weather forecasts since the beginning of summer… And for good reason! Evelyne Dhéliat, who recently sounded the alarm about seasonal temperatures, saw the arrival during her holidays of a certain Ange Noiret. The 33-year-old dark-haired presenter has captivated the crowds and has even become an object of fantasy on social networks, particularly on TikTok. But the Internet users are not the only ones under his spell… It is also the case of one of his colleagues at TF1, also connected to the weather: Tatiana Silva!

Tatiana Silva: A Fan of Ange Noiret

Interviewed by our colleagues from Télé Star, published this Monday, August 7th, 2023, the former partner of Stromae said all the good she thought of her acolyte from the TNT. “He is competent since he is a meteorologist! He has the ability to have good energy and lightness while being technical. He will come back to LCI in September,” she confided.

Ange Noiret: A Former Military Man

For Ange Noiret, who revealed that he was single, was not born to work on television. “Like many young people, I didn’t know what to do,” he recently told the Parisien. He went to an engineering school for a year, then… the air force, as an aeronautical forecaster. He also followed a military training for eight months: “It is a mandatory passage with no connection to the chosen specialty. And it really corresponds to the idea we have of the army: I learned to march in step, to sing, to shoot, to live in groups in rooms of six.” He will eventually hang up his uniform to send his applications to TV channels, including La Chaîne météo which recruits him: “I discovered everything there. I learned to speak in front of a camera in front of a green background, to try to be natural… That’s where I learned to smile. At first, I came home at night with sore zygomatic muscles. But today I have concrete cheeks.” But Tatiana Silva is not the only fan of Ange Noiret at TF1 since Evelyne Dhéliat had also sung the praises of the young recruit on Twitter since his first weekend on air at the end of June 2023. But also in the columns of Télé-Loisirs: “It is a job made for him. He is on air as he is in life! Ange has a bright future.” She will be back this Monday, August 14th on the first channel, while Ange Noiret will be back as a joker in October.



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