That is Sveva Alviti, the companion of Anthony Delon ?

Anthony Delon has formalized its love affair with the beautiful, Sveva Alviti. This Italian actress of 35 years is no longer really a unknown to the French public, who discovered it in 2017 in a bio-pic about Dalida.

Anthony Delon is a happy man. This Wednesday, the 25th of December, the eldest son of Alain Delon was posted on Instagram two beautiful photos to formalize his new love story. “Sometimes life does not seem fair, it is said that the trouble pile up… and it is often the case. But it also happens that the destiny make us a gift, a sweet ray of sunshine to accompany us in the race, he wrote in the caption of the photos. It is necessary to know how to be grateful in these moments, because happiness is precious. “This woman who lit up his life, it is Sveva Alviti. Today 35 years old, the superb Italian began her career as a fashion model, before turning slowly to the profession of actress. After being appeared in a few films of his native country, she appeals to the French as Dalida at the cinema.

An actress hailed by critics

Almost unknown in France before being caught by Lisa Azuelos, Sveva Alviti has been propelled onto the front of the stage thanks to this biopic released in 2017. “I still can’t believe it, it is like living in a real dream, she had confided in Grazia Italian. After so many unfulfilled promises on the part of producers and directors, I wanted to leave the theatre and the cinema to return to the modeling. “If the promotion of the film has been marked by a difficult moment – the actress was having a seizure live on the plateau of the Grand Journal, the critic has praised the talent of Sveva Alviti. His performance in the hugely impressive in the skin of Dalida has blown all the world and it has opened a few doors in the middle of the seventh item View from in Love Addict with Kev Adams and Lukas with Jean-Claude Van Damme, it was this year the heroine of Tra the wavelength of the Italian director Marco Amenta. Before a new role in France in 2020 ?