The 8 Breakout Haircut Trends of 2021

Getting a fresh haircut can make a woman feel like a supermodel. Last year, many beautiful hairstyles were trending among Canadian women. However, these hairstyles keep on changing, and new ones take their place. Therefore, in the following article, we’ve covered eight breakout hairstyles that have been trending among women over the last few weeks.

1.   Curly Bangs:

If you already have curly hair, you’ll love curly bangs. You can get these bangs by simply expanding the volume of your curls. Regardless of what your curl type is, it’s quite possible to create such a curly fringe.

2. The Mullet:

The mullet is a super trendy hairstyle that has been seen among Canadian women. This hairstyle comprises of hair that is short from your forehead but longer at the back of your head. This hairstyle is well-known among famous actresses like Zendaya.

3. Extensions:

If you’re worried about your hair not growing any longer, hair extensions are definitely for you. This popular hairstyle helps in extending the length of your hair by simply adding more hair. It’s best to get this job done by an expert as they’re the only ones equipped with the right tools for undergoing such a procedure.

4. Low-maintenance Haircut:

Women know the struggle of maintaining their hair, which is why a low-maintenance cut is recommended for women who don’t like to spend hours and hours with their stylist. The low-maintenance haircut is based on straightened out hair that has been shortened to a decent length. So, when your hair grows back, you can simply shorten it yourself. It’s that simple.

5. Partially Dyed Hair:

Dyed hair is also quite common among women these days. Some women also like to call it an experimental hairstyle in which they color certain parts of their hair. These days, the trending colors are blue, green, and pink.

6. The Classic Bob:

The classic bob is also a well-known hairstyle famous in 2021. This hairstyle is based on straight hair that drops down to the neck. The only difference is that the hair is slightly curved at the end. This gives off a super sleek look and can attract a lot of eyes.

7. The Queen’s Gambit: 

Inspired by the famous Netflix actress Anya Taylor-Joy, the queen’s gambit hairstyle is based on red-colored hair that has been cut short and is curled from different angles. Overall, the look of this hairstyle is quite elegant and smart.

8. Bouncy bangs:

The bouncy bangs are based on a hairstyle that consists of multiple curls starting from below. This hairstyle is quite common and has been seen among lots of women, including celebrities. Michelle Obama was also seen rocking this hairstyle at the inauguration of the 46th U.S president, Joe Biden.

Final Words

In 2021 many women have been seen with various hairstyles, some of which are mentioned above. However, the best hairstyles are not limited to the ones listed above. A good hairstyle ultimately depends on how creative you can be with your hair. Therefore, you can always experiment and see which hairstyle works best for you!

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